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My Journey - Chronicle 4 - Past Life

When I arrived at La Macina di San Cresci, I had no idea what I would be guided to paint. The first week in the studio, left me wondering why I felt unable to paint. I would spend a lot of time in this 1000 year old structure, steeped in history and energetic vibrations. The energy however, left me in front of a blank canvas, unable to create. One night I had a dream of nuns and priests calling to me. I felt that they were telling me that their spirits where still there, but that they did not feel worthy of coming out. It was a strong energy that drew me back to the studio. I found myself painting relics of past lives and emotions. I just went with it. The original painting started off with five nuns and it eventually ended with only three. It is titled "Blue Tears". I didn't think or analyze, I just painted. The story they told me was of their pain and suffering and witnessing of events that left them feeling helpless and trapped. For hundreds of years their souls had been in turmoil for not having been able to change the course of events. They had never forgiven themselves. I was reliving a past life, that I had not been aware of until that moment. I spent many hours, in and out of the studio coming to terms with what had happened in that past life and the hundreds of years that had passed and brought me here again. Though I am not religious in this life, I do believe that in this life, I was guided to come here and set myself and the other 2 nuns, free. I continued to paint as I was guided, and produced several paintings that transmitted old and new. I was an emotionally draining time but also very liberating. It seemed appropriate to me that I chose the church to display and photograph my paintings. I feel it now explains why when I strolled the streets of Florence, I knew that I had walked those streets before and I was coming home.

Canadian Artist living in Torrevieja, Spain

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