About Me

I am a daughter, a sister , a friend, a mom to the most beautiful girl in the world. I am blessed to have a loving and supporting partner who inspires me and supports my dreams and goals. I am a passionate artist.

More specifically I am an painter  who spontaneously was guided to pick up a paintbrush for the very first time, in the summer of 2013, upon my return from a trip to the South of France.  

Little did I know at the time that I would be channeling energies from Angels and other beings of light, that would serve to heal through my art.  After a lifetime in the corporate world, leaving it all behind and beginning a career of passion and love with new challenges and life lessons and spiritual growth.  It is indeed a journey and  I have chosen to share it through my art.


My Journey started thousands of years ago, different lives and different lifetimes.  Though I have been a healer in many past lives, a priestess, a nun , an artist who prayed for talent, I had many lessons to learn, and prior arrangements  to be made in order to bring me to where I am today.


When I paint i am  drawn to a palette of colours , divine sources channel energy and frequencies through me and guide my hands to create  all that is beautiful from and for the soul. 


It has been communicated to me that my paintings channel energies and frequencies of energy and healing and facilitates meditation. I do offer commission work specific to a collector's energy field.  I have been guided to share this journey that is still unfolding in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Blessings to all