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Demetria Verduci and Duccio Trassinelli

Mimma and Duccio , I like to call them them "The Guardians of La Macina di San Cresci”. Mimma is an architect by trade and Professor Duccio is a lighting designer (his work can be found in MOMA and other famous venues).  26 years ago they undertook to restore and bring back to life, the 1000 year old structures of La Macina which also included the church and chapel.


This was no easy task and a tremendous commitment on their part. Images of the restoration which spanned 15 years can be viewed in a book at the residence.  The book can also be viewed online,  it is the 4th link below.  You will see that pictures truly are worth 1000 words.


There are also media publications available. They have continued their commitment to the Arts with many projects, including “Slow Road”. I will include some links to this effect.


Mimma and Duccio are welcoming and warm and knowledgeable and humble and great cooks! Very quickly I felt I was part of the family. I have included La Macina di San Cresci on my website to honor their many years of ongoing commitment to the Arts. I hope that one day you will have the pleasure of meeting them.
I love you Mimma and Duccio.

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