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Your Life is your Garden -Indulge in quiet moments.

Follow your dreams


This is a selection of my paintings. If you wish to purchase an artwork, please see the "purchase my art" page. 


La Macina di San Cresci

This is where I attended my first Artist Residency located in Chianti, Tuscany . The place and the people share a very special place in my heart. My experiences there as an artist but also where a knowing of one specific past life, inspired me to create this site.

My Journey 

When I walk into my studio, I become totally lost in the vibrancy and energy of the colours that I work with. I move into a dimension that is away from the reality of day to day life, I enter a space where I connect to my soul and I am guided by an unknown hand that creates my paintings. My inspirations are colour and music, the earth that is so beautiful, the hearts of children and the air that we breathe. I love the process from start to finish. I enjoy stretching and priming my canvases, because to me it is all part of the creation. I absolutely love mixing and preparing my paints. I work mostly with acrylic paints and many gel mediums as I love texture.

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