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Residency Life - My Arrival in Tuscany

April 15 2016, My Arrival

I flew from Toronto to Belgium for my connecting flight to Florence. I easily took a cab to the bus station where I boarded a bus which was very comfortable and scenic, to Greve in Chianti. Wonderful Mimma picked me up from there to take me to where my home would be for the next 10 weeks. The distance from the town of Greve to the residency was a 10 minute car drive, through a winding dirt road with miles of vineyards and olive groves and beautiful mountains as a backdrop. I arrived at La Macina di San Cresci on April 15 2016, exhausted and elated at the same time. I was warmly greeted by Tommy (an artist from the UK), a second time resident who had just completed 2 weeks of his 4 week stay. I would be sharing a 3 bedroom house with him. (one of two artist houses). For a moment I sat on the step of the “Artist House” and snapped a photo of what I called my courtyard. It was in fact the small courtyard leading up to the 1000 year old church. Across from me (100 feet) was the residence of the only neighbor for miles, their family had been there for 200 years. Coming soon will be a post about “The Woman and the Kitten”, where I will elaborate more about my neighbors.

I remember feeling at peace, as I looked across the land and feeling that a significant adventure awaited me. Mimma showed me the Artist House and my large beautiful room and offered to take me back to town to do some food shopping (and wine of course) ! and then for a drink and to meet Duccio who was waiting for us at one of the local cafes in the town square (Caffe le Logge), which I would visit many times in the weeks to come.

The travel and excitement and time difference soon caught up with me so we made our way back “home” where I unpacked and chatted with Tommy, declining his invitation to meet for drinks with Ellen and Patrick Coffey who resided in the second artist house and were also 2nd time residents. Tommy also very kindly offered to make me some dinner (at the time I did not know that he could not cook) ! But I was too tired to eat and I passed out, so very happy to be there.

This was the beginning of my first journey to Tuscany.

This is Caffe le Logge, the little arrow points to it. In Town Square.