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I paint from the "Inside Out"

I've always had a creative urge, but never explored it. I picked up a brush...and immediately felt at ease in transferring the energy and motion to a canvas. I paint as my mood dictates, never knowing what direction it will take. I just let it flow. I do have a fondness for Swarovski crystals and they are in many of my paintings. clear crystals, black crystals, amber crystals, blue crystals, purple crystals, I love how they catch the light ! I also love "texture" and again, many of my paintings reflect that. I Have no specific "style", but I do know that every new paint tube is a new adventure !

I do paint from the inside out. From my heart to canvas. My paintings are a journey of energy and feelings. Upon my return to a visit in south of France (St Paul de Vence) summer of 2013, I picked up a paintbrush for the very first time and now when I am not painting, I am dreaming of colours and canvases. I have no art training and I am ok with that, as I paint from the heart, not knowing what the creation will be, and I love it! As always when I paint, I am drawn to select a palette of colours and divine source and energy guide my hands and creates all that is beautiful from and for the soul, and creates a healing energy. My clients are Internationally based. I also do custom work for specific healing requests for clients.

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