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My Journey - Chronicle 9 - Healing Crystal Wands & Sticks

The Process

I began making crystal wands and sticks several years ago. One morning I woke up and had this very strong urge to make wands. I had visions of these wonderful wands in my head! I had been a collector of crystals and stones for many years, so I just had to gather the rest of my supplies and get started. I use nature’s supplies of copper, wood, quartz crystals, stones, including mother of pearl, coral, lapis, turquoise, carnelian, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, jade, tourmaline, pearls, selenite and many more. I also use twine, cotton string, feathers, silver, beads make from semi precious stones.

Each wand usually takes a minimum of 4 hours to make.

I cut the copper tube to size then wrap it in either leather or paper, the colour selection is also important. In the case of wood, I sand it until it is smooth and warm. Then I select my stones and lay them out. This is the longest part of the process. I meditate on the stones (that are clean and fully charged by the sun) as I have to connect with the stones and the order of them on the wand/stick. So my layout and selection may have to be changed several times until I get it right ! Once that is done, I begin to assemble the wand. First I insert beads of semi-precious stones into the copper tube, then top it off with the point crystal. I then decide on what kind of wrapping it will have , either copper or silver wire, twine, etc. As I wrap the wand with the wire and stones I meditate again on the wand/stick. I then embellish the wand/stick with feather and such if I am guided to. I then charge the wands in the sun again.

When I first presented these wands to my friends, and their friends, I ask them to pick one up at a time and tell me if they felt anything. Some described as being light headed, seeing lights and feel very light, tingling or warm sensation in their hands or body. Some had a feeling of discomfort, which to me indicated it was not the wand for them. I then blindfolded them and handed them one wand at a time. Most of the original sensations were the same or stronger. Some took as long as 20 minutes to select the wand/stick they had a connection to. I found that the wands that were wrapped in purple seemed to be chosen by those who had an ailment that they wanted help with. To my great joy, every wand fulfilled their goals. Many came back and bought several more wands.

I ask the purchaser to take their time when selecting a wand. As each one is picked up, some sort of sensation will appear. Close your eyes if you wish. Do not be alarmed if you feel as if you are falling forward, the wand is doing its thing ! If you hold the wand with your right hand at your side you may feel your arm wanting to move upwards, that’s ok too. You will KNOW which wand is for you.


More Information

It is fair to say that as long as we have existed as a species, we have had an affinity with stones and crystals. The use of talismans and amulets dates back to the beginnings of humankind, although we have no way of knowing how the earliest of these objects were viewed or used. Many early pieces were organic in origin. Beads carved of mammoth ivory have been excavated from a grave in Sungir, Russia, dating back 60,000 years (Upper Palaeolithic period), as well contemporary beads made from shell and fossil shark's teeth.

In the 1980s, with the advent of the New Age culture, the use of crystals and gemstones began to re-emerge as a healing method. Much of the practice was drawn from old traditions, with more information gained by experimentation and channeling. These days there are a large number of books available on the subject, and crystals frequently feature in magazine and newspaper articles. Crystal therapy crosses the boundaries of religious and spiritual beliefs. It is no longer viewed as the domain of alternative culture, but as an acceptable and more mainstream complimentary therapy, and many colleges now offer it as a qualification subject. Excerpt Author Janelle Scialla

Programming a crystal wand is based on the power of your goals. Your goals drive the wand to activate up to its maximum potential, hence charge your motivation first or meditate on it while having the wand in hand.

The right hand is used to tune and conduct energy works. In the rules of crystal healing, energy waves are received by the left hand and automatically transferred to the right hand, via the chakra powerpoints. Hence, the power that ejects out of a powerful wand in your right hand becomes highly energized.

You can open the chakra chain by rubbing healing crystal wands over your chakra points. If you’re trying to meditate and simultaneously activate chakra power, keep the stones on the recipient’s chakras.

In order to recharge and keep the healing and meditation wands ready for future use, you must first shake off the negative energy that you used it to accumulate. Easiest trick to clean a crystal wand is by cleaning the crystal with a soft cloth and clean water. To recharge your wand made of crystals, bask it in the midday sun for one hour and one night under moonlight (works maximum during full moon nights).

Programming a meditation wand. All you need to remember when using a meditation wand is your affirmation. In crystal users lingo, meditation is a programming ritual that unifies the mind with the body. You can use crystal wands for meditation in various ways.

You can place the crystal wand on your third eye/ crown chakra.You can point the crystal wand at your browsYou can rub the gemstone wand on your headYou can keep the stone wand on the yoga mat when doing yogaYou can sleep with the wand under your pillow.Let it become your best friend, by holding it and/or rubbing it


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