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Readings with Ann Albers

Reading with Ann Albers - 2015

As I mentioned in one of my chronicles, I was introduced to Ann Albers through my friend Teresa E. I knew that her waiting list was over 1 year, but I woke up with a strong urge to contact her, and she had just had a cancellation and agreed to do a Skype reading. Timing is everything ! We connected immediately.

What she relayed to me is as follows:

You paint like a channeler , angels channel through you and everything you paint is filled with healing energy. You are working with very high frequency beings, this was an agreement that I made before coming to earth, that I wanted to bring some of the frequencies of heaven to earth, but I wanted to do it in a way that people are not afraid of. Every time someone looks at my paintings they are feeling the frequencies of the energy. When I do custom work, it is very specific to the energies of that person, catalytic energies that are healing for the inside and bring gifts and talents to the surface. I give birth to people through my paintings. It has been described as fiber optics coming through my hands. I was told that I was a priestess, a healer and many other things in past lives, but I always did it in a way that did not frighten people. The angels say that I am a wide open channel and when people need something they come to me and the energy starts to flow. They call me the “Lighthouse on legs” !

I had to heal myself and get rid of a lot of junk and go into the darkness in order to come out into the light.

I am in a trance when I paint, my mind is not controlling it and different angels and spirits and my brother paint with me. My brother died tragically years ago, and he is in the light and he is one who helps me with my painting and healing. I feel his presence all the time.

I create healing art, this appeared spontaneously in August 2013. Pieces are infused with angelic energy.

Unhappy at job, ask angels for something better, I was offered early retirement. Decided that I wanted to paint full time. No money but not concerned at that moment, I felt a very strong urge to follow my path and the rest would be taken care of. Complete surrender.

I work with all kinds of beings from the stars and when I paint sometimes it is my angels that work with me, but also angels and beings from intended receivers, either who will be guided to purchase my work or when creating customs pieces.

One of my guides who has come through, to my great amazement is Toulouse Lautrec, who says he mentored me in a past life. He is here with me today to encourage me to let go and let it all come through. To tell my story and how it all happened. In the past he says, I had promise and I would pray each day for talent. (note, I still pray for talent)!

What the world wants from you is YOU. Be authentic.

Don’t ignore urges to do something, it is guidance.

In my case it was a path laid out like Hansel and Gretel and the breadcrumbs. Each step I took led me to the next step, not sure where I was going and where it was leading to.

When feeling trapped and cooped up, embrace that moment. Then things will start to move for me.

Second reading 2016

I spent a lot of time in the church at the artist residency in Tuscany, painting religious things, but was part of the bigger picture. Beautiful plan unfolding, go with it. It will all make sense. Helping me create exhibitions, living in trust, whole life to be changed. Living in faith. Guided to do these paintings. Trust each step. Huge surrender in process.

While I was in Tuscany, I felt stone walls had too many secrets and tragedies. It was difficult to paint as I was actually reliving a past life where I was a cloistered nun, I witnessed a lot of things that I wish I hadn’t, but it deepened my relationship with God in that lifetime. These paintings express the feelings that the only way out is up. In the midst of being trapped I was going up.

Note: the following conveyed to me though Ann Albers was a point on description of what I was feeling and living in those weeks.

I became ill at the artist residenc and I, had dream to release the nuns. They did not feel worthy of coming into the light, had secrets, witnessed the horrors and hypocrisy and I was one of those nuns. Freeing them and myself from the hypocrisy, the paintings that I painted were releasing the energy of what was stuck and trapped. So now I have a story. I went to this place and felt isolation and trapped, this is how these paintings came about. I did the work very quickly, with energies where I felt others had held me back, bridging the past and present, very shamanic, a chronicle of a souls journey. This was all part of the bigger picture and there were no malevolent spirits, just stuck. Angles want to reassure me I am being cared for and guided every step of the way. Beautiful world unfolding for me. Everything I ever dreamed of and more. Not malevolent spirits, just stuck. Never realized they were not trapped anymore. I stopped resisting what was in front of me, then everything just flowed.

I changed the energy that had been there for centuries. A place for transformation and miracles. Envision permanent exhibition, for people to come and be transformed. A deep journey into the hearts.

Angels say would be great interview, quite an amazing story , the trip, the dreams, the freeing, the stones.