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My Journey - Chronicle 1- Time Line

The Journey – Time Line

I believe that everyone we meet, we are intended to meet. There are no coincidences.

If one were to do a process mapping of everyone that has crossed our path, it would be utterly fascinating to remember how things evolved from every single encounter.

Looking back in order to build a time line, I will begin in 2010 with meeting Teresa E. who had just moved into my apartment building and would become one of my earth angels. This was a time in my life where I came to face many emotional challenges and depression in the following year. Though Teresa made a point of “not being in my face”, she always showed up when I needed her. No judgements, no questions…she was just there. I quickly became part of her family which I cherish to this day.

One day she forwarded an email to me. It was a newsletter from Ann and the Angels (Visions of Heaven), and that is when I knew that my life would turn around. I can’t remember the content of that newsletter, all I knew is that it resonated with me and gave me hope. A lot of hope. I subscribed to the newsletter and awaited it eagerly every Saturday morning. Throughout the week in between the newsletters, I would focus and put into practice the messages that Ann delivered. I also had a deep knowing that somewhere in the future that Ann Albers and I would connect on a personal level. I remember wondering why I had been so independent and a know it all kind of person, my whole life. But these changes take time, focus and belief, and I worked at it. So surely, but slowly changes started happening within myself.

I came to realize that ultimately I had felt unworthy for a good portion of my life, and that fact had led me to make decisions that never served my higher good. Letting go was a hard task for me and through CBT and the newsletters and other reading material, I started the journey.

Not to say that my life was a rose garden, there were a lot of thorns to get through, and I still made a few bad choices. In the summer of 2013 I started to paint which has lead me to where I am today. I believe that one of my bigger breakthroughs was in January 2014 where I ended a relationship that I should never have started and when I purchased the Ann and the Angels VOD series. Finally being alone with myself I dug into these episodes, and myself, watching them over and over again, until it hit home. Today I laugh at my stubbornness and how I had made life so difficult for myself, when all along, it could have been so easy. That same year I started meditating daily, which I do to this day. I also have Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards that are so much fun and also enforced to me that we truly can receive messages from the Angels. We just have to pay attention !

So technically, this was the beginning of my story which is still unfolding and I have chosen to share. I hope you pop in again to read more !

I have posted some of my favorite links in my page entitled “Links for inspiration”.

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