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Residency Life - Fun Times

Jessica, Elena and me in the garden for Spritz O'clock.

Life at the residency is how you choose it to be. Artists from all over the world, coming together to create, to share, to reflect on their own life and the world that surrounds us all.

There is plenty of studio space for the artists, as well as the beautiful garden and countryside for pliene air painting.

Several times I took the bus to Florence and spent the day exploring, enjoying the music, the food, shopping and people watching. I always felt inspired.

We often went out as a group with Mimma and Duccio and some of their closest friends, either to Art openings or just to discover Tuscany's hidden gems.

Since I was there for 9 weeks, I met different artists along the way. Their stays ranged from one week to four weeks. I met Josephine from the Philippines, Jessica and Rebecca (and her family) from Australia, Elena and her aunt Elizabeth from California, Ellen and Patrick also from California, Tommy from the UK, Dea from NYC, Natasha also from Australia, Carley from the USA. We discovered each other as artists and as individuals, intermingling our cultures, including cooking of course. When in Italy, food is a big thing. (As it should be) !

We cooked up some fabulous meals to share either in our large kitchen or A La Fresco in the garden. There was never a dull moment.

Below is a link for the yearbooks at La Macina di San Cresci, they publish a book yearly highlighting the artists who attended. 2016 is book no 8.