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My Journey - Chronicle 8 - Life Changes

I always felt that I had some gypsy blood. I still do !

In 2013 when I was in France, I decided then and there that one day I would move to Europe. Absolutely no idea how that would come about, but I held steadfast. I meditated, made visions boards, and every single day I sent it out to the Universe. I had no reason to believe that it would not happen as I already had the feeling of what it would be like to live there.

In February of 2018 my partner and I began to start each day by looking at properties for sale and ultimately feeding the dream. I continued to paint and for the past year I had moved away from the blue hues and embraced new colours of black/white/gold, which was an unusual choice for me, as I could paint with blues all day long. Blue has always represented calmness for myself and for the individuals that purchased my art. I have a few collectors that had never owned or been attracted to the color blue, and yet they only purchased blue paintings from me !

So, with my new palette of colors, I took on a different style as I was guided to. As I painted there was a feeling of expansion and changes. Letting go of the past, embracing the now and dreaming for the future. Since most of my work is abstract, I have always let it up to the viewer/collector to interpret the paintings, which is the beautiful part of doing abstract work. Every piece means something to someone, though not the same for everyone.

So by August we had firmly decided that we were moving to Spain and were moving by November 1, 2018 !!!!! I sold many works before I moved and then crated approximately 85 paintings to be shipped to Spain.

My life became a whirlwind of packing and preparations and living it a bit of a haze…was this really happening ! My friends and family were very supportive of this move, even though it meant physically leaving them behind.

It was the beginning of a new adventure in my journey.